If you’re a craft beer lover, you know it’s a great time to live in or visit Pittsburgh.  In fact, did you know that Pittsburgh was recently at the top of the list for Best Cities for Craft Beer Lovers?

At Stoke’s Grill, we’re committed to doing our part to keeping Pittsburgh at the top of that list.

Why? Because we love it, too.

We are constantly rotating our 24-tap beer system to bring you, our passionate craft beer lover, the freshest, latest and most sought after locals brews.  At Stoke’s, we take pride in featuring as many local breweries as possible, including: Full Pint, Apis, Arsenal, East End Brewery, Grist House, Troegs, and more.

Below are the current beers that we have on tap at Stoke’s Grill. We try to keep an updated list, but good brew goes fast, and what’s below may not reflect the true current tap list.

I guess you’ll just have to come in to find out if it’s accurate or not!




Beer Style ABV (Alc. By Vol.)
Flying Fish Blueberry Braggot Honey Ale with Blueberries 15%
Pizza Boy Magic Under Where? IPA 5.5%
Victory White Monkey White Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Trippel 9.5%
Doc G Barrel Aged Beer Amercian Strong on Whisky Barrels 11%
Doc G DuBois Export Lager Lager 5.8%
Penn Brewery Rods and Cones Seasonal Dry Hopped Sour 6%
East End Green Giant Super Hoppy IPA 7.1%
Epic Blood Orange Wheat Wheat Ale 4.8%
Arsenal Cider Fighting Elleck Cider 8.2%
Doc G Down With Trousers Scotch Ale 6%
Rusty Rail Fool’s Gold Hefeweizen w/Peanut Butter 8%
Hop Farm Margot Berliner Weissbier 7.5%
Bell’s Expedition Stout Imperial Stout 10.5%
Doc G InSidious Imperial IPA 9.2%
Miller Lite Pilsner 4.2%
Flying Fish Exit 16 Double IPA 8.2%
Devil’s Backbone 16 Point Imperial IPA 9.1%
Apis Mead Strawberry Kiwi Mead 8%
Yuengling Lager Domestic Lager 4.4%
Full Pint White Lightning Belgian Wheat 6%
Doc G Jefferson Line IPA IPA 6 5%
Pizza Boy SwingleBeer Passion Fruit Oat IPA 6.3%


Brewery Beer Style ABV (Alc. By Vol.)
Breckenridge Nitro Orange Cream Ale NITRO Ale 5.5%
Troegs Nitro Chocolate Stout NITRO Stout 7.1%